How To Quickly Fill Out A Western Union Money Order?

Money orders are great options to send money securely for a variety of different purposes. However, there are a few facets to consider while filling out your money order form. The process for filling out money orders at Western Union is the simplest among the available providers of money order services. To accomplish the purpose accurately, you must ensure that the following steps are complete before you hand it over to the concerned person associated with the Western Union agency dealing in money orders.

How to Correctly Fill Out a Western Union Money Order?

If you have a checklist associated with the filling out of a money order, it could be used while carrying out the procedure at a Western Union representative available locally. The first step to complete the process of filling out the form entails mentioning the name of the recipient. This is the most crucial step as inaccurate information provided at this stage may result in misuse of your money order.

Fill Out a Western Union Money Order

The recipient name carries the name of the person who is authorized to receive the money order and make a deposit or withdraw cash for the amount mentioned in the money order. Closely related to the name of the person is his or her address, which is as important as the first field. The delivery of the postage is dependent on the legible and clear filling out of this form field. In case you are filling out a money order form at a Western Union outlet to make a payment for a bill, it is essential to include your account number in the field ‘payment for / account number.’

The next important part of the money order form is the section with a provision for the purchaser’s signature. This section is meant to indicate that you initiated the money order transaction officially. You will notice that the backside of the money order also contains space for a signature. However, this space is reserved for the recipient and must be left blank.

Once the form has been filled in, the customer service agent at your local Western Union outlet will hand over a receipt in the form of proof of payment. It is essential to retain the receipt provided for the transfer as it acts as an important tool to verify your payment in a crisis. The receipt also ensures that the recipient was handed over the funds securely.

Aspects When Filling Out a Western Union Money Order

The first consideration linked to filling out money orders is to ascertain the right place to obtain a form. Forms are generally obtainable at credit unions, banks, post offices, financial institutions, and retail stores. You can get the right representative through either Google Maps or the Store Locator accessible online.

Another important consideration is to take time and fill out the additional details available on the form. Although they may not be mandatory, it is always advisable to provide supplementary information to the recipient alongside useful comments to guarantee security concerning the money order.

Lastly, you must note that money orders do not serve as a substitute to bank accounts as each transaction is associated with a certain fee. In any case, they serve as one of the inexpensive ways to send money quickly and securely.

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