Buy a Walmart Money Order Near Me

A money order can be a convenient way to pay bills or send money. A number of public service providers such as USPS carry money orders. Several banks, credit unions, and retail stores also provide the service at nominal costs. However, one of the most suitable locations to buy a money order is the Walmart store near you.

How to Buy a Walmart Money Order without any Hassle

Walmart is a provider of Moneygram money orders. MoneyGram enables you to fulfil several purposes related to your personal finance including bill payment, money transfer, or money order. To buy a Walmart money order, the only essential information you require to achieve your goal is your address and the address of your recipient. An identification document is also mandatory in this case. However, you must remember to carry your debit card or cash to be able to complete your money order transaction. Credit cards are generally not the preferred mode of payment in this case.

Walmart Money Order Near Me

Things You Should Know Before Buying Wallmart Money Order

There are certain costs associated with purchasing a money order at Walmart, and it is nice to know about this important information when you go to purchase a Walmart money order. The typical cost of a money order sent through MoneyGram is 70 cents, and the maximum amount allowed by Walmart for any single money order is $1000. However, the number of money orders that you can send on a daily basis is not limited in any way. It is possible to purchase money orders worth $3,000 in a single day. The limit is considered safe and does not pose any risks or liabilities that may lead to any form of objection or cause a suspicious activity report (SARS).

Can you buy a Walmart money order for International Purposes?

International money orders are not sold at Walmart. However, since the MoneyGram service allows international money transfers, it is possible to send money across the globe. To send money to international locations, you can estimate fees by using the MoneyGram fee estimator, which is a convenient tool to assist you in planning the transfer.

In essence, the Walmart money order offers a high limit for sending money for a low fee. Further, when you buy a Walmart money order near you, the options available are much more sophisticated when compared to similar services available elsewhere. Another convenient option accessible in this context is the online purchase of an international money order.

In addition to purchasing the Walmart money order, you also have the option of cashing a money order at Walmart if MoneyGram has issued it. Therefore, whether you are looking at sending money by using a money order or encashing the same, the Walmart money order is the ideal choice to fulfill all your financial requirements at a convenient location near you.

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