Western Union Money Orders Near Me

Western Union offers a convenient means to utilize money orders for many purposes including bill payment. Money orders can be easily encashed at retail stores, banks, and check-cashing locations. Even though cashing a money order may cost you a certain amount of money from a bank or retailer, it will still be suitable for your personal finance needs as the service is offered in a professional manner. One of the best options to accomplish the purpose is through western union money orders.

How do Western Union Money Orders Work?

Western Union money order applications are easy to fill, and the money order itself is easy to encash. Western Union offers stepwise instructions to its customers to help them fulfill their personal finance requirements. However, there are few things which you must keep in mind while purchasing your money order. Firstly, you must ensure that the amount paid for your money order is in line with the amount which is printed on the relevant form.

Western Union Money Orders Near Me

While filling the form, you must take care your details are clear and legible. The right location must be noted at this time since it is helpful in case your money order is lost or stolen. Other details that must be filled in for a successful western union money order transaction include purchaser fields such as the “from” field which pertains to the remitter, sender, or purchaser and the name of the payee. The details which are required at this point include your complete legal name and mailing address. You must sign the front portion of your money order and ensure that the back side of the money order is left blank for the recipient to sign on. Finally, it is important that you retain the receipt associated with your money order as a future reference.

Services Covered by Western Union Money Orders?

When it comes to Western Union money orders, there are a number of services available alongside the primary offering. In addition to providing the necessary payment service through money orders, Western Union has very specific arrangements to cover you in case of lost and stolen money orders, which can be completed with the help of your receipt and a nominal processing fee. Even when your receipt is lost or unavailable, you can still go ahead with the help of your research request form for your lost or stolen money order by opting for a slightly higher processing fee.

Western union generally charges around USD 15 for taking up your case related to lost or stolen money order when the receipt is available, and USD 30 in case of non-availability of the receipt. Western Union offers a refund in case your money order has not been cashed. In case your money order has been cashed, a copy of the money order is presented to you by Western Union. Further, it is easy to submit relevant forms by either Fax or official Western Union e-mail. Finally, the Western Union customer care service is particularly helpful when it comes to answering questions or queries through a toll-free number.

In effect, Western Union covers its customers thoroughly to ensure that they receive high-quality service through Western Union money orders and can solve their problems even in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

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